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"I promise to provide a partnership filled with unconditional love, support, and guidance so that that you step into your power and heal at the core." Djuna Wojton
— Djuna Wojton
healer, author, spiritual counselor
(215) 627-6710
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Would you like a break-through in self-love, confidence, and inner peace?

Do you want to change your life direction?

Do you need support and guidance as you work through a crisis?

Do you want to feel great about your body?


Work with me and experience a greater sense of well-being and self-satisfaction. Together, let's create a healing path designed to bring you more love of life, self, and others. Pathways to fulfillment available:

Karmic Healing Sessions

First, a reading will identify karmic issues (past-life or present) connected to painful areas of life where you feel powerless or stuck. Using a unique blend of Reiki, hypnosis, and shamanic healing techniques, you’ll release emotions and limiting beliefs that hold you back. The process will free you from the past and connect you to your spiritual source. You’ll feel lighter, more peaceful, and empowered to change. By phone or in person

Tarot/Astrology Readings

A reading can help you see the bigger picture on current situations, gain clarity, and thereby make better choices. Examining your karmic issues sheds light on your purpose and enables you to get back on track. Looking at your past with a more meaningful perspective, will allow you to recognize and take advantage of new opportunities in your future. You also receive a detailed email report of your horoscope with an hour session.

Reiki Apprenticeship Program

In this life-changing course you’ll discover abilities you didn't know you had. You’ll develop your intuition so that you’ll hear your inner guidance, silence your inner critic and become your own advocate. Each session provides practical tools to nourish and improve your health. The group experience will give you a spiritual community of like-minded people where you'll receive ongoing support.

"I got more out of your session today than I have from years of traditional counseling. The revelations I've had are profound. Truly, I can't thank you enough."

— Andrea Quarracino

"Thanks to your healing sessions, I am free of a ten-year chronic pain from fibromyalgia."

— Brenda Sbarbaro

"In your classes and sessions, I've gained insights into myself and the world around me that have enriched my life on a daily basis. My eyes, mind, and spirit are truly awakened for the first time."

— Aaron Rosenblatt

Your karmic healing session put me on a path of self-realization. Without your help, I wouldn't have made it through this difficult time of my life. The Reiki workshop also gave me the courage to face ongoing challenges and stresses. Thank you."

— Claire Carmody

"Your readings have helped me gain a clear perspective on past life issues in present relationships. I'm always amazed at how accurate your predictions and insights are."

— Maureen McMahon

"Your Reiki class has opened my eyes to a new way of looking at the world. I am more peaceful, content and happy with whom I am. I am also more understanding and accepting of others. Thanks Djuna."

— Allison Sims